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The Potholes- Hidden gem in Northern California

I contemplated blogging about The Potholes in Lake Tahoe, California because it was told to me by word of mouth.  At one time it used to be a little secret gem tucked away in Northern California.

Once we arrived we realized its a site well traveled.  But not too traveled.  People are respectful and take their trash and belongings out with them.

It’s located in Northern California, and a quick google search will actually give you directions.  If google knows about it, it’s not so hidden anymore.

Anyways.  It’s a quick half mile hike in if I’d have to guess.  I’m not the greatest with estimating distance, but I survived it carrying my four year old.

Surrounded by beautiful landscape and enormous boulders for the kids to climb on.



I even found two enormous heart rocks!


We found a quiet little place to set up for the day.  Where the kids enjoyed putting their toes in and leaping across the rocks.

The water was cold and refreshing.  Clear and beautiful.  We did happen to come across a large water snake that scared my husband enough to pack up and head out.  I’m kidding, but it did make us a little hesitant to put our feet in and by that time the kids were done anyways.

If you are looking for a serene and peaceful getaway and happen up near Kit Carson Pass I’d encourage you to take a chance and explore the potholes.  It’s a beautiful place in the middle of the mountains of California.

Oh and no dogs allowed off leash, although I saw some rule breakers while we were there.

A perfect way to spend an afternoon with my favorite people.


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