Spider & Bug Spray

A quick little house cleaning tip using minimal ingredients and one essential oil is an immense help around here.

Where we live there’s more spiders than I’ve ever seen. I’m not one to be creeped by the crawly but some of these bugs are downright creepy.

Bugs hate peppermint.

Add 10 drops peppermint oil

1 cup Castile peppermint soap

Add to a spray bottle.

I always have something on hand to kill the crawlers that come out. It’s an immediate recoil from the spray.

Love how simple, cheap and effective this is.

And how helpful it is with the squash bug invasion in the garden.


Author: Danielle

Danielle is a modern day homesteader. She moved from the suburbs of California to the High Desert with her husband and two kids to live a more balanced life. An experienced Autism mom, using animals and nature to work through the struggles of raising two kids on the spectrum. Danielle is writing her first book. A longtime freelancer, and blogger. Daughter of the King.

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