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How I published an ebook in 36 hours

How I published an ebook in 36 hours

I’ve written a lot of things for a lot of different people. The pay has varied from mediocre to great.

But I’ve grown complacent with writing for other people.

But I was frozen not sure how to start writing my own ebooks. Unsure if I possessed the skills.

But then I got to thinking. And everything I’ve written has given me the experience and understanding to create my own books. My own articles for sale. The only difference is now my name is on it. Instead of someone else.

Not everyone possesses the creative ability to write for themselves. And so at any given point you can find someone in need of a creative writer. Editor. The writing jobs are truly endless.

What is holding you back from writing?

I know for me it was an uncomfortable leap. Did I want my name on things I’d written or did I want to allow someone else to use my work under their name for a set fee.

Sure it was a great way to make extra money. It gave me different writing opportunities to hone in on different writing and editing skills.

But for me it was the easy way I didn’t have to be accountable for what I wrote really because no one knew who I was. I was paid and some other go getter was using their name on my work to create income.

That’s when I decided to sit down and write my own ebook with my own name.

Was it hard?

Honestly no. The hardest part was setting my perfectionism aside and diving in.

I set aside time each day and night and just started writing. And editing. And writing some more.

Amazon makes it incredibly easy even for the most inexperienced to format an ebook.

Word from the semi wise. Don’t bother using Microsoft word and you don’t need page numbers. My first mistakes.

Maybe 3 people buy my book. Maybe one day 300 people buy my book. Who knows but I did it!

It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought.

If you are on the fence about publishing your first ebook try it. It isn’t complicated.

And it feels really great.


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