The Great Balloon Race

This morning we woke the kids unbelievably early to get to The Great Balloon Race in Reno, Nevada.

It was well worth the early morning and drive.

Free to the public.

It was a sensory friendly experience. Despite the music playing and the crowds of people it was so beautiful and to be honest there’s something magical about being surrounded by hot air balloons taking flight.

Staff was kind and generous making sure the kids got their own pins to wear and patches to take home.

The kids were amazed by the hot air balloons taking flight.

Such a fun family tradition.

We will definitely be there next year.

Author: Danielle

Danielle is a modern day homesteader. She moved from the suburbs of California to the High Desert with her husband and two kids to live a more balanced life. An experienced Autism mom, using animals and nature to work through the struggles of raising two kids on the spectrum. Danielle is writing her first book. A longtime freelancer, and blogger. Daughter of the King.

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