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Something old with something new

Something old with something new

Happy New Year!

For the new year I challenged myself to write more often with blogging, writing for clients, and working on my novel.

I tend to always fall off track if I set to tight of goals.  So this year I’m looking at it more as a challenge.  Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

Most days I’m pulled in so many different directions by the pressure I put on myself that I forget my goals.  Turning to procrastination, and obsessive cleaning to fill my time.

I’ve been using my oils more often, trying to replace something old with something new and make our lifestyle more green.

To be honest, I’ve been a bit naive, or ignorant about some of the products I use in my house.  But I also run a strict monthly budget so I cant just dump everything we have and buy new.  So it’s the few year plan…where we slowly transform our home into a more environmentally friendly and safe place for the kids.

One thing I’ve been wanting to ditch for a longtime was my deodorant.  But ignorance is bliss, and I finally decided to try something new.  I purchased Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant Aluminum Free Wild Lavender.

It has a nice pleasant lavender scent, but I feel like it doesn’t stay on long.  Thus resulting with me reapplying it multiple times throughout the day.  So for now I’ve gone a bit more green, but I’m still working on finding a good deodorant.

Among other products on my list.

I’ve also made it a challenge to try to use my essential oils more often.  Replace my regular household cleaners with some Young Living products.  So far I haven’t been disappointed.

With having a farm things just get dirty around here.  No matter how much I clean.  Not to mention the sand storms that frequently occur here.  The farm animals have been such great therapy for the kids, and even for me.  But it’s a dirty job sometimes.  With the kids suppressed immune systems I worry extra about them being outside with the animals.  Of course google will educate you on all the illnesses you can receive from touching poultry and livestock.


But I think the benefits of owning farm animals outweigh the cons.  To ensure the kids clothes are clean after being out with the animals I started adding a few essential oils to my laundry detergent as well as to my dryer to help combat any extras that may have passed through the wash.

Here’s my recipe, it’s really quite simple.

1 drop purification

1 drop tea tree

1 drop citrus fresh

Thieves Laundry Detergent (but before making the switch I just added it to my All Free & Clear detergent)


I also wash my kids clothes with this after coming home from school.

Essential oils have really helped us cut back on the germs we bring into the house.  And the cost associated with more natural products.

Have you transformed your home into a more green environment?



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  1. I watched the documentary, “Stink” on Netflix and it immediately triggered all my memories of allergic reactions and how I break out in hives every time I deep clean. I tossed everything out and started making my own chemical & toxin free household cleaners and scrubs. There’s a few trials and errors but I haven’t had an allergic reaction in months!

    Thanks for sharing!

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