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Repurposed greenhouse diy

Something I love is repurposed wood.

It has so many useful spaces around our homestead. It seems we’re always taking on a new project or wooden orders around here.

Our latest project has been a greenhouse. Nevada weather makes it quite difficult to have fresh flowers and vegetables year round. So we decided let’s see what we can do with what we have and a minimal budget to build our greenhouse!

I have to say we spent to much time overanalyzing how exactly we wanted to start.

Until one day we decided let’s just start. See what happens.

In a weeks time we’ve been able to get most of the frame up.

I can see myself in a few weeks time starting some new seedlings in the garden.

I’m more of a doer less of a planner. When I plan I seem to get a little to lost in the details.

Anyone else?

Soon I’ll be starting seedlings spending my winter days tucked in my greenhouse dreaming of spring.

Makes winter a little more enjoyable and our homestead that much more efficient.

Happy Monday!

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