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Take a ride on the Oregon Trail – repurposed barnwood greenhouse DIY

Take a ride on the Oregon Trail – repurposed barnwood greenhouse DIY

If you were around in the 90’s you can get the Oregon trail reference. If not…then I’ve aged myself.

We finally completed our repurposed greenhouse and it’s absolutely perfect.

Built with love and little touches to make it our own.

Total cost $72 and 5 days of labor.

We were able to reuse wood we had around here from previous projects.

We found a sweet little handle from an old gate left on our property.

We used my Great Grammy’s China to create a stepping stone in memory of one of the sweetest women to grace this earth.

Both kids have their own plot of land inside to grow their own plants and vegetables.

Gardening has such a therapeutic effect on sensory challenges and I see both kids enjoying their time out in the greenhouse.

Getting hands dirty, raising their own plants. Such valuable lessons about the food we consume.

If you are considering a greenhouse maybe you will be inspired by our inexpensive, pretty lovely greenhouse.

We have experience building but we had never built a greenhouse before. I’d say it’s simple even for beginners.

It’s quite easy to build.

You might be surprised to find that businesses in your hometowns are often more than willing to get rid of extra supplies they have lying around. A good friend of ours owns a fencing company and supplies us with all of our repurposed barnwood needs.

Happy Thursday


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    1. We were fortunate to have a ton of spare wood around and had leftover PVC pipe from the previous owner. We ended up just purchasing the plastic covering and the coverings for the PVC pipe! We were shocked at how inexpensive it came out to be. It was just a lucky build! Thanks for reading 🙂

  1. I LOVE – this greenhouse! I built one for about $100 a few years ago and something like this might compliment it nicely as a spot to start plants (and grow a few more plants a zone of two above). I have a rosemary bush that has overwintered in our greenhouse for the past 3 years here in Canada!

    1. Thank you for reading. I LOVE this greenhouse too. I love how inexpensive it was to create, and it adds a unique touch to our homestead. $100 is great! I love hearing others successes with greenhouses. In Canada you get pretty low temperatures? I am having a hard time figuring out the best way to keep the plants warm as inexpensively and energy efficient as possible. Some nights it gets down to 5 degrees here. Help! I read an interesting article on using water in black buckets to release heat throughout the night, but have yet to try it. Tell me your tips. PLEASE! So glad someone got my Oregon Trail reference, 90’s kids.

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