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How to propagate succulents in just a few easy steps

How to propagate succulents in just a few easy steps

I’ll save the long story and get right down to business.

These long winter days can be so drab. Propagating succulents gives me a little taste of summer and takes merely a few minutes out of your day.

Supplies needed:

Rooting powder



New container, pot, or in my case teacup.

This teacup is from my great grandma. The succulents are a collection from my great Grammy, grandma, mom and me. I felt like spreading some winter cheer so I made this little succulent gem in less than 10 minutes for my baby brother.

Step 1: trim off a clipping from an existing succulent.

Step 2: put cut end in water.

Step 3: dip cutting in rooting powder.

Step 4: place stem with rooting powder about a half inch into soil.

Spritz some water on your plant. Making sure it doesn’t dry out.

The bundle of leftover leaves I will lay out flat on top of soil in a flat container. In a months time I should see some new growth just from those little leaf cuttings.

These make for some cute gifts. Help to spruce a drab area in your home. And cost little to no money to do.

Only takes a few minutes!

Happy propagating!


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