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Starting your spring garden indoors this winter for less than $20

Starting your spring garden indoors this winter for less than $20

I love to plant anything and everything.  I would say it is absolutely therapeutic for me.

I’ve been raised around some pretty great gardeners in my life, supplying me each with their own particular tip and trick for properly gardening.

My great grandparents had a beautiful bountiful garden, we were raised eating homegrown goods at family dinners.  With their recent passing in the last few years I find myself thinking of them often, so grateful for the memories and knowledge they bestowed upon us.


My grandma had an unbelievable green thumb before her stroke.  I’ll always treasure my childhood memories of her unruly, wild, and beautiful flower garden.

My dad too has a green thumb whatever he touches grows.

And lastly my mother in law my go to garden guide.

It’s in my genes I’d say.

Both my kids have a love for planting especially my youngest.

Last week we stumbled upon a Pro-Hex Professional Seed Starting Tray at Walmart for $11.23.  I’ll tell you it’s fabulous. Holds 72 seeds, takes up minimal space, and is the perfect little activity to battle the bore of these snow filled days.  I decided to keep the seeds in the kitchen window so the kids and I could experience the growth of the seedlings.


Allowing the kids to be a part of the process of the food we grow gives them an opportunity to experience, the time, and effort it takes to produce food.  It also makes them more willing to try fruit and vegetables when they are the ones that have helped care for them.

My son loves science and has an insatiable need for knowledge, so hypothesizing and recording our findings is a fun way to keep him entertained and learning.

Yesterday was the 7th day since we had planted our seeds.  Keep in mind we haven’t needed to do much.  We make sure the soil stays most, and that the seedlings receive as much light as possible.

Today marks the 8th day since we planted our seeds.  I wish I could pinpoint exactly which each seedling was, but my daughter did the planting so it’s a bit of a mystery.

I do know we have brussel sprouts, nasturtium, winter squash, cabbage, Nevada lettuce, and marigolds just not quite sure which tray is which.

Each day we measure the seedlings, and make a prediction for the seedlings growth.


A little tip once a week I spritz all seedlings, and plants with Young Living Frankincense Vitality oil.  Frankincense helps encourage plant growth naturally.

Plant growth spray

2 cups water

2 drops frankincense essential oil

On the 7th day we only had 24 seedlings started, this morning on the 8th day we had 46 seedlings. It’s amazing how quickly seeds grow.  It’s an inexpensive way to get your garden started before spring.

If I was to guess with all the seeds I purchased and the trays I spent $20.  For 144 potential plants I would definitely say it’s more cost effective to start with seeds.

And it’s a fun experience to enjoy with your family.

Happy Sunday!





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