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5 reasons you should be including frankincense into your daily routine

5 reasons you should be including frankincense into your daily routine

There’s a reason the wise men brought baby Jesus frankincense. It’s an excellent oil to always have around. The wise men were onto something it isn’t called the golden oil for nothing.

It’s versatile uses make it definitely in my top 5 favorite essential oils.

Let’s chat about frankincense.

1. Apply to skin with a carrier oil to help repair sun damaged skin, reduce wrinkles and scars, and minimize breakouts.

2. Rub a few drops on the spine and on the bottom of the feet to help build the immune system. (I add socks to really let the oil seep in.)

3. When diffused it relieves stress and is known to lift the mood. I find a drop of frankincense in the diffuser is an uplifting way to start the day.

4. Diffuse during yoga to encourage spiritual growth.

5. Reduces stretch marks. A drop in the bath in the evenings helps reduce stress and battle cellulite.

Home diffuser blend

4 drops frankincense

4 drops lavender

4 drops orange

Diffuse for a calming, uplifting, woodsy vibe. I find this a great diffuser recipe after a long day.

These are really a small handful of the benefits of frankincense.

It’s such a versatile oil to keep around the house.

Before you reach for some over the counter face cream try purchasing a bottle of frankincense. You’d be surprised at the different serums you can make at home with better ingredients at a better price.

Do you use frankincense in your daily routine?

Interested in purchasing this essential oil click here.

If you have more questions send me an email I’m always happy to chat essential oils.


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      1. Probably the typical ones, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint and frankincense for sure. I have others but just don’t use them as much. A peppermint or lavender bath is my fav! What do you use the most?

      2. I do love all of those. It’s hard because I do like so many, but I’d have to say orange. I use it mixed with so much. It’s such an uplifting scent!

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