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Are you a ‘gardener’ parent or a ‘carpenter’ parent?

Are you a ‘gardener’ parent or a ‘carpenter’ parent?

I happened to stumble across an article written by Kristin Mae How to Be a ‘Gardener’ Parent and it made me stop to evaluate my own parenting.  It’s a really great article and takes but a moment to read.

I’d like to think I’m a gardener parent, but I definitely have some carpenter habits.  I find myself offering assistance and instructions to quickly.  My son has sensory processing disorder and so I tend to fuss over him a bit more than I should.

Parenting is difficult and doesn’t come with a manual, but it does come with experience and overtime as parents we too learn from our failures and successes.  It’s important we remember to allow our children’s growth and give them opportunity to experience the ups and downs of life.

Most parents would agree it’s hard to watch your child or children struggle.  But failures lead to great successes.  My daughter was diagnosed with Autism, and a Global Developmental Delay in 2016 after prolonged fluid on her ears, when we had her second reassessment this December, they did not observe any developmental delays.  My daughter struggled along the way and so did I as a mama, but her growth has been nothing short of amazing.

Are you a gardener parent or a carpenter parent?  Or a mix of the two?




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