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Finding my soul through simple living

Finding my soul through simple living

Living simply has a different definition for everyone. I felt burdened, bored and restless when we lived in the suburbs. I had a small little garden but wanted more. I was raised around my Great Grandparents farm. Raised in my grandmothers flower garden, and let’s be honest I was raised in the 90’s things were different. Kids could be turned outside with little worry.

We wanted to head back to our roots. Live more simply. Teach our kids things that are important to us. Share some new experiences with the kids.

For us living more simply consisted of buying a smaller house on a a little less than 2 acres and striving to make it sustainable for us as a family.

We set realistic goals, wanting to minimize our imprint even with small things.

We still use electricity. I don’t have overalls on. And I am update to date with current events.

Life is just simple here.

We use essential oils throughout our home cutting our costs on household products.

We grow as much food as we can weather permitting.

We raise animals with a purpose. We have saved hundreds of dollars by owning a few backyard chickens for fresh eggs.

And starting in Spring you can find fresh cut flowers daily around here.

There’s so many little things we do on a daily basis to reduce waste and increase our sustainability.

Raising animals, growing our own food and plants, and minimizing our outward expenses from our home was a priority.

Maybe yours is taking up sewing, reducing your plastic use, or a small window garden. Everyone has a different story and different makeup. I’d encourage you to find your roots.

Mine have brought me here. On a small little farm tucked into the high desert. With views of the Sierra Mountains.

Raising animals and plants, living simply.

Of course we still have outward expenses but it’s nice to be able to run out to the garden and snag a few fresh tomato’s or let the goats out for free weedeating. I think a more sustainable life is good for the soul in any amount.

My brother, a city dweller, has brought simplicity into his apartment with plants.

My good friend grows a small herb garden in her home.

My point is you don’t need a lot of space in order to increase your sustainability and reduce your imprint.

Are you starting a garden this year?

What do you do consistently to enhance your sustainability?

How often do you feed your soul with the things you love?

Interested in living more simply?

Happy Wednesday


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