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The gift of Giving From Your Homestead – Finding a Life Fulfilled

When we started our homestead journey I had two things in mind. Increasing our own sustainability, and making side income from our homestead.

One thing I didn’t expect was how much I enjoy the gift of giving.

People love homegrown food, homemade gifts, and fresh animal products.

By starting our own homestead I realized how much I had to give to others.

Weekly I share homemade bread with neighbors and friends. A bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Fresh eggs and homegrown vegetables. Whatever the season I always have something to share from our homestead. Sure I could keep all these things for myself but why not share with others and help encourage those around you to seek out a more sustainable lifestyle.

This week on your homestead or even just your home I challenge you to join in the gift of giving. Maybe you are an excellent baker, gift a friend or a neighbor something baked. Maybe you have more eggs than you know what to do with. Gift those to someone you think needs them.

Give and it will be given to you. -Luke 6:38

This doesn’t mean to give so that you in turn will receive something. But give with the hopes to make someone’s day. To share what you have to lessen someone else’s burden or just as a simple act of kindness. Our world needs more kindness.

I find my soul is patched up with each gift I bestow upon someone.

Being kind has healing benefits to the giver.

If my kids learn anything from me I hope it’s that kindness is the key to a fulfilled life.

Please share with me what gift you bestow upon someone this week.

Happy gifting.


By Danielle

Danielle is a modern day homesteader. She moved from the suburbs of California to the High Desert with her husband and two kids to live a more balanced life.
Follow along to find a simple way of living.

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