A little about American Homestead Co

What might you find here?

First.  Welcome to my site!
Thank you so much for visiting.
American Homestead is exactly what the name implies.
An American family, doing our best to live simply, and raise good humans.

You can call me Danielle. Some call me Baby D. Compliments of my husband who I will call MJ. I am a mama to a little girl, Miss H, and a son, EBE.


I believe in God.

I’m a fitness enthusiast some days.  Slug others.

Here at American Homestead you will find parenting stories (never advice because let’s be real all kids are so different) but I’ve found I love having girlfriends to troubleshoot kid issues with. So maybe here you will read something that could help you troubleshoot or possibly share with me.

I’m a freelance writer (time permitting. I’m a Mama first)

I love the outdoors.  And collect heart rocks more times than not when I’m out and about.  I love an adventure.

I’m a chicken farmer. Goat farmer. Soon to be mini cow farmer in less than 5 months! I have never owned a farm animal until last Fall.  This year is the first year I’ve had a good size garden.  You might find some useful tips here as well.

We have two Nigerian Dwarf goats.  8 hens, 1 rooster (on borrowed time) and 5 pullets we hatched for the first time this spring.  In the Fall we will get our 6 month old belted galloway miniature cows.  This is an entirely new experience for all of us.  But I will say there is something therapeutic in raising animals.  Plus you can always count on cute animal photos around here!



We chose to move our family to a rural area wedged between the High Desert and the Sierra Mountains.  In hopes to provide our children with a simplified life. Our youngest was diagnosed with Autism at 2. And our oldest was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.


We implement a lot of easy sensory friendly ideas into our days. 2 years ago I was oblivious to anything with the term sensory. But we’ve made it our life to accept our childrens struggles and help them work through them. We are after all raising the next generation.

I love to cook and bake. Having kiddos on the spectrum taught me to be creative with what I cook to help them get the nutrition they need. So you can find recipes from my kitchen to yours.

We purchased a fixer upper about a year ago. We chose the more frugal route and did as much of the work as we could or knew how to do. You will find DIY projects here and ideas.

I’m an owner of a small business. I have my items in two shops locally, and at my Etsy shop American Homestead Co

You will find items that we built using reclaimed wood.  I love to create American Flags using repurposed barnwood.  Each one comes out with it’s own character.  You will find updates and projects we’re working on around the ranch.


I make most if not all of my cleaners.  I love oils.  I love to read.  You will find some oil concoction ideas, as well as random book reviews from yours truly.

I suffer from anxiety and depression.  I use alternative methods to ease my struggles, but parenting two kids on the spectrum can be exhausting at times.  You will find ideas I use to ease the symptoms of anxiety.

You will find a collection of different things discussed here.  All things I think a lot of us can relate to.  Hopefully you will find something that speaks to you.





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