Law Enforcement Spouses

Being a wife of a police officer isn’t always the most attractive.

I am building a thin blue line for my bestie. And as I’ve been building it I’ve been thinking of all that encompasses being a spouse of someone in law enforcement.

It can be lonely. For even the biggest loners.

It’s frustrating. Maybe your day was mundane and you just want to chat. But your spouse isn’t in the mood for chatting because he’s on overload and wants to veg after a day of endless chatter and demands on the radio. Or the opposite and he has so many stories to tell that you didn’t want to interrupt with your own stories of the day.

Holidays are rarely enjoyed together on the ACTUAL holiday. Law enforcement doesn’t get the privilege of being closed for the holidays. Shockingly criminals commit crimes daily. (Catch my sarcasm)

Most good cops are Type A personality and can be pushy by nature. It’s a dog eat dog world for law enforcement they need to be tough unwavering in their decisions. With that comes the need for an equally tough unwavering spouse.

The OT money is just too good. It’s easy to make purchases with cash when there is an endless supply of OT.

Some people will hate you merely because your spouse is in law enforcement. That’s the world we live in. (If you are anti law enforcement please don’t bother commenting. I will not be approving or even entertaining hate speech)

Officers come home with 1 million different germs on their uniforms.

With that, they bring home a lot of viruses. They are after all in some of the most disgusting places with some pretty disgusting people.

They do in fact get injured on the job. That’s the nature of the game when you deal with bad people.

They might in fact kill someone in their career.

They may see one or multiple people die. They will see dead bodies regularly.

A phone call in the middle of the night when your spouse works night shift can cause you to lose at least 5 years off your life.

You need to be careful what you share on social media. There’s some sick fucks out there that seek revenge on their arresting officers.

Not everyday is some mystifying murder thriller story.

They will get hit on. Who doesn’t love a man in a uniform.

Being a wife of someone in law enforcement definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

But I cherish all my friendships with my fellow law enforcement wife’s.

I am so proud to be married to my officer. It hasn’t been an easy experience. He has had many big injuries from being a damn good cop. Yet he still packs on his gear and races toward the scary shit most people don’t even know exists.

Is it worth it? Definitely. What a privilege to be married to someone fighting the evil in this world and also helping those in need.

People don’t only call the police for bad people.

The pays basic, it doesn’t cover nearly enough of the shit they endure. The hours totally suck. And it’s hard to raise a family and find time to be a couple.

But it’s a calling.

And I’m proud of this piece of law enforcement that encompasses my husband.

And grateful for the law enforcement family we’ve gained along the way. 💙

Autism and tummy issues

Most people don’t like to discuss poop, but once I became a mom poop talk seems to be part of my regular conversation.

So let’s dive in.

Since both my kids were infants they’ve always struggled with going to the bathroom.  Miss H struggles more as she’s gotten older.  Going poop can result in screaming, lots of tears, and tummy aches.

Since EBE was an infant I’ve used different oil potions to try to ease his discomforts, and as the years have gone on I’ve found something that truly helps alleviate the struggles they have with going poop.

I could explain what sensory challenges cause this, but it may bore you.  If you are a parent or even an adult struggling with tummy issues rather than reaching for an over the counter medication, you should give Young Living Essential oils a try.

Tummygize is a savior in my house.  We have way less tears, going to the bathroom isn’t physically painful anymore.

Miss H grabs tummygize rolls it around on her stomach and moments later she has gone to the bathroom comfortably.


Both my kids are extremely sensitive to smells, and I love that Tummygize has a mild scent that goes unnoticed by both.

I know poop talk isn’t the most glamorous, but it’s a reality a lot of us parents with kids on the spectrum face.

If you give it a try let me know your thoughts!