Finding my soul through simple living

Living simply has a different definition for everyone. I felt burdened, bored and restless when we lived in the suburbs. I had a small little garden but wanted more. I was raised around my Great Grandparents farm. Raised in my grandmothers flower garden, and let’s be honest I was raised in the 90’s things were different. Kids could be turned outside with little worry.

We wanted to head back to our roots. Live more simply. Teach our kids things that are important to us. Share some new experiences with the kids.

For us living more simply consisted of buying a smaller house on a a little less than 2 acres and striving to make it sustainable for us as a family.

We set realistic goals, wanting to minimize our imprint even with small things.

We still use electricity. I don’t have overalls on. And I am update to date with current events.

Life is just simple here.

We use essential oils throughout our home cutting our costs on household products.

We grow as much food as we can weather permitting.

We raise animals with a purpose. We have saved hundreds of dollars by owning a few backyard chickens for fresh eggs.

And starting in Spring you can find fresh cut flowers daily around here.

There’s so many little things we do on a daily basis to reduce waste and increase our sustainability.

Raising animals, growing our own food and plants, and minimizing our outward expenses from our home was a priority.

Maybe yours is taking up sewing, reducing your plastic use, or a small window garden. Everyone has a different story and different makeup. I’d encourage you to find your roots.

Mine have brought me here. On a small little farm tucked into the high desert. With views of the Sierra Mountains.

Raising animals and plants, living simply.

Of course we still have outward expenses but it’s nice to be able to run out to the garden and snag a few fresh tomato’s or let the goats out for free weedeating. I think a more sustainable life is good for the soul in any amount.

My brother, a city dweller, has brought simplicity into his apartment with plants.

My good friend grows a small herb garden in her home.

My point is you don’t need a lot of space in order to increase your sustainability and reduce your imprint.

Are you starting a garden this year?

What do you do consistently to enhance your sustainability?

How often do you feed your soul with the things you love?

Interested in living more simply?

Happy Wednesday



Dog Yoga – Doga

I’ll be honest, I scoffed at the idea of dog yoga when I originally heard about it, then to find out there was actually a name for it!

It seems ridiculous.

Yoga no doubt has it’s health benefits, both physically and mentally.  Studies have shown it’s aids with depression, pain, addiction, and much more.

But did you ever consider adding your dog into your yoga routine?

May sound crazy, but I would encourage you to try it before you dog it.

What is Doga– Yoga with your dog.

Yes, you read that correctly, adding your dog into your yoga routine truly has health benefits for both you and your dog.

What it is NOT- Forcing your dog into poses.

Simply put it’s including them in a relaxing routine with you.  Allowing them to stretch if they want, roll on their backs for tummy rubs

I started doing yoga two years ago.  In those two years it seems my dog and cats tend to gravitate to me whenever I’m practicing.  I find that I smile more often when the dog is around.  Sometimes he gets a little too lovey and I send him to the edge of the mat, I am in fact trying to workout and relax.  But overall I would say it’s an enjoyable relaxing experience.  It doesn’t have to be weird, or forced.  Some dogs may not be as relaxed as Odin, but he’s a scrunchy faced love bug and is a great companion to have around, and he always seems to get my mood.

So let’s discuss how exactly Doga can benefit you.

  1. Bonding with your pooch.

Life is busy, we constantly are on the move, checking our phones, running back and forth to the grocery store, school pickup, you name it we are busy people.  Often times our pets get lost in the shuffle.  Odin is my daily companion, but I don’t really spend to much one on one time with him every day.  So it’s a nice way to give him some attention to prevent his greedy jaws from snatching up the kids toys.

  1. Physical Health Benefits

Doga’s health benefits are not backed by any research, it’s really just a matter of doing something you enjoy with your pet.  But it is in fact a form of exercise for both you and your pup.

If you have a chunky pooch it’s a great way to get exercise, any type of physical activity helps with blood circulation.  Doga can help your pet build muscle and lose fat.  It’s also a great way to encourage more training, stay, sit, wait, simple commands in a relaxing environment.

  1. Relaxation

The best shared benefit of Doga is that it can help you deal with stress and anxiety. Mental stability is without a doubt one of the biggest benefit of yoga. There are plenty of other activities to choose that do more for your physical health, but when you include the mental health benefit that comes from mediation and yoga (or Doga), it’s pretty great.

  1. Entertainment

It’s funny right?  The idea of practicing yoga with a dog seems silly.  But  it’s entertaining no doubt.  I find that when I am in downward facing dog, Odin will usually stand up and stretch at this time.  He will try to shake my hand throughout and it makes me laugh every time.  It’s those saggy jowls he has.  When I’m in dead pose we joke he’s checking to make sure I’m breathing hovering his bulldog lips over my face until I pet him and he relaxes.

  1. Socialization

You can check for local Doga studios around you if you want to meet other yoga & dog enthusiasts.  Or you can practice at home, or with a group of dog loving friends.

I’ll admit I was a skeptic at first, and my husband has deemed it a “hippie thing” but it’s truly a relaxing experience.

If you are struggling with depression, or anxiety, or are just feeling stressed out, I’d encourage you to practice a little Doga with your pup.

Happy Saturday!




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Ditching suburbia – one girls guide to homesteading

Sometimes all we need is just a new perspective.
So you’ve decided it’s time to move from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Maybe you are sick of the rat race and are ready to make the leap to ditch urban life and embrace a more simple and sustainable way to living.

Previously in history homesteading wasn’t a choice.  A family farm was simply a way of life for the majority of people.  With the fast paced hustle and bustle of life today, people are increasingly heading towards a more sustainable simplified way of existing.  The fast paced rat race can be exhausting.  Not to mention the satisfaction from being able to sustain your family.

We found ourselves ditching suburbia with two toddlers in tow a year and a half ago. Now raising our children on our own little homestead.  Teaching our children so many valuable lessons along the way.

Living more simply has opened my eyes to so much.  I feel as if this is the type of living we should have been doing all along.  I wish we had began sooner, but I’m here to share some tips and tricks to help you get started on your homesteading journey.

First let’s chat about some of the benefits associated with homesteading:

  • Less Stress
  • Pride in Provision
  • Sense of security
  • Family Bond
  • Better physical and mental health
  • Learning new skills

Homesteading isn’t necessarily easy, but it is simple and straightforward.  There is much to be learned from running your own homestead.

I will admit, I’ve always been an animal, nature lover so ditching suburbia was a welcomed retreat for me.  Before moving to our home I had zero experience with farm animals, minimal experience with gardening, and previously ignorant about the waste consumed by my family.

But that isn’t to say inexperience would make for a challenging time.  In fact the more we add to our homestead the more experience and knowledge we gain.

So first things first.

Finding your homestead is the first line in order.  We did some research and fell in love with a small little town in Nevada.  We purchased a home on an acre and a half and have been building and maintaing our homestead since 2017.  A year and a half in and we aren’t even close to being done, but we’ve made substantial progress in our personal sustainability with minimal cost.

I’ve come to love the quiet, slow paced feel of our new little town even if they are stuck in the 90’s.

Now let’s dive in:

  • Start small – you cannot build a homestead overnight it takes time and patience.  We chose to start with chickens.  They are simple, require minimal investment, and provide our family with fresh eggs.  It’s best to start small see how you adapt to homesteading before diving all in. Except some failures along the way as well as some successes.

  • Set realistic expectations–  Set aside your pressure and desire to build your homestead overnight.  It takes time odds are your homestead won’t look like anything from a magazine right now it takes time and money to set up a homestead.  Go on Pinterest, check homesteading magazines and blogs to obtain ideas.  All of our animals houses cost less than $20.  We used repurposed barnwood to create a safe home for each of our animals.  There are simple and inexpensive way to start a homestead make sure to do your research.

  • Organize your projects – Before you start on your homesteading projects take the time to organize according to your resources and budget.  Start with the basics to homesteading with the end result being self sufficiency.  We started with chickens, then a garden, then goats, cows, and our latest project was our greenhouse to provide us with sustainability all year round.  By setting goals, and organizing projects it gives you the ability to save and research the most cost effective way to begin each homesteading project.
  • Connect with other homesteaders locally- Communicating with other homesteaders in your area can actually provide you with a lot of information.  When we first moved in we didn’t know much about our well and how it operated after all we had always been on city water.  A friendly neighbor provided us an entire packet on the wells in our area and how to care for it.  It’s also nice to share ideas and learn from like minded homesteaders.
  • Enjoy – Sounds too simple, but it is easy to get caught up tending to a homestead.  Projects take time, resources, and energy.  Remember to allow yourself at least once a week with no work just enjoying your new homestead.  After all it is supposed to lead to a more simple, fulfilling lifestyle.

Seems simple and it truly is.

It is truly satisfying to eat fresh eggs from your own chickens. Rather than guessing and hoping the organic eggs you purchased are in fact organic.

Eating freshly grown food straight from the garden is rewarding and teaches young children the responsibility of making good food choices.

The benefits are endless. The time spent learning as a family is valuable.

Hope to hear your homesteading journeys.






Take a ride on the Oregon Trail – repurposed barnwood greenhouse DIY

If you were around in the 90’s you can get the Oregon trail reference. If not…then I’ve aged myself.

We finally completed our repurposed greenhouse and it’s absolutely perfect.

Built with love and little touches to make it our own.

Total cost $72 and 5 days of labor.

We were able to reuse wood we had around here from previous projects.

We found a sweet little handle from an old gate left on our property.

We used my Great Grammy’s China to create a stepping stone in memory of one of the sweetest women to grace this earth.

Both kids have their own plot of land inside to grow their own plants and vegetables.

Gardening has such a therapeutic effect on sensory challenges and I see both kids enjoying their time out in the greenhouse.

Getting hands dirty, raising their own plants. Such valuable lessons about the food we consume.

If you are considering a greenhouse maybe you will be inspired by our inexpensive, pretty lovely greenhouse.

We have experience building but we had never built a greenhouse before. I’d say it’s simple even for beginners.

It’s quite easy to build.

You might be surprised to find that businesses in your hometowns are often more than willing to get rid of extra supplies they have lying around. A good friend of ours owns a fencing company and supplies us with all of our repurposed barnwood needs.

Happy Thursday



Repurposed greenhouse diy

Something I love is repurposed wood.

It has so many useful spaces around our homestead. It seems we’re always taking on a new project or wooden orders around here.

Our latest project has been a greenhouse. Nevada weather makes it quite difficult to have fresh flowers and vegetables year round. So we decided let’s see what we can do with what we have and a minimal budget to build our greenhouse!

I have to say we spent to much time overanalyzing how exactly we wanted to start.

Until one day we decided let’s just start. See what happens.

In a weeks time we’ve been able to get most of the frame up.

I can see myself in a few weeks time starting some new seedlings in the garden.

I’m more of a doer less of a planner. When I plan I seem to get a little to lost in the details.

Anyone else?

Soon I’ll be starting seedlings spending my winter days tucked in my greenhouse dreaming of spring.

Makes winter a little more enjoyable and our homestead that much more efficient.

Happy Monday!